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i just ramble about anything..

Watch this.  It makes you appreciate missing your loved ones, and the people who protect the United States more and more..

Cool Mashup I found randomly with famous K-Pop stars and groups PSY/Super Junior/SHINee/Bigbang/2NE1/SNSD]

And yes Gangnam Style is apart of it. lol

I can’t believe this song is still so viral.  Even Psy was at Dodger Stadium and they decided to play the song to have fun. LOL

Not all illegal citizens are bad.  Some just do not realize it until it’s too late.  The government has laws and parents need to abide them in order to protect their children.  But unfortunately, the laws punish even the best people.  Obama started a recent movement with his new illegal immigrant policy.  Although not all the people that benefit from this policy are great young people, here are some that are good.

This guy is crazy with his Super Saiyan prank.. Most people just did not know how to react.  One of the first animes I ever watched.

A possible view for the future, that is actually trying to be developed… Technology is crazy.

You still can’t think of a better story than Jeremy Lin right now.  He took the luck and opportunity he had and so far has succeeded.  You never know when your opportunity will arise, so always be ready for it.  Hard work and determination will keep you ready.

Basketball has a feel good story right now, and it’s this guy Jeremy Lin.  I waited to see if he was for real, and after these last couple games, I have to say he is.  Since I love the New York Knicks, I’ll just ride the wave and see where it goes, no expectations from me but he has come out of nowhere.  As a fan, I want to see how he can mend with Carmelo Anthony, since they both need the ball a lot.

Happy Martin Luther King Day people.  And also it’s Aaliyah’s birthday.  Both of them left the world too soon..